Benefits of a Video Resume | Why you need one

Benefits of a Video Resume | Why you need one

First impressions are important. Even more so when they're standing between you and your dream job.

And when you think about the number of "first impressions" a recruiter, hiring manager, or potential employer would have in a week (or even day) it pays to be one step ahead of the recruitment process.

Looking into the stats, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. The typical employer will then interview 4–6 candidates for the job, and only one will be successful.

Unfortunately, traditional paper resumes and cover letters are rarely a comprehensive picture of what job seekers have to offer – especially as recruiters only spend an average of six seconds scanning a resume. Passion and ambition risk not showing through when written on a page. And even if they do, there's a chance you could be weeded out by a key-word obsessed tracking system, or bumped down the page on LinkedIn.

So how can you bring your job application to the forefront? Try a video resume instead.

What is a video resume?
The video resume is a short introductory video of you, the job seeker; speaking to-camera about your skills, qualifications and experience, as well as answering some typical interview questions. This can then be used in the place of a traditional written resume and cover letter.

Why a video resume?
When looking for candidates, 93% of employers consider soft skills an “essential” or “very important” factor in the final decision. So start your job search with a difference by demonstrating those all-important soft skills: personality, communication skills, enthusiasm, work ethic, without having to schedule an interview. The benefits of video resumes include giving hiring managers a more personal feel for the candidate early on; before the interviewing process has begun and your competition has been approached.

More importantly, you get to back up your intangibles on your traditional resume. For instance, your CV might cite "excellent communication skills", but on a paper resume, that can be hard to verify. In a video CV, however, you're able to put those communication skills on display for all to see – aka talking the talk.

How to get started
If you can write a resume, you can create the video version too! To avoid any time-consuming trial and error, start by looking up some video resume examples for inspiration. Plus, visit social media, or professional sites/apps like LinkedIn to find your prospective employers, and check out any recent posts they've made to get a sense of their current values. You don't have to go in full-steam; have a go at shooting some practice shots. For a comprehensive guide, and tips and tricks, check out our blog, Creating a Video Resume.

Overall, treat this video CV like a real job interview, or as though you're in the middle of a video interview. Present yourself well, consider your body language, and let your personality shine!

If you're worried about needing existing video editing skills, don't be! That's why we're here. PreviewMe is a video resume maker, video editor, and video production platform all in one. Ease your way in at your own pace on our website. Here, we'll help you nail that submission to leave a lasting impression, get through the hiring process, and be one step closer to your dream job.

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