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video teleprompter
Feature 1

Teleprompter & script builder

Say goodbye to awkward pauses and stumbling over words – the built-in teleprompter keeps you on track for smooth and professional delivery. Plus, the script builder saves you time and effort in creating compelling video content.
Feature 2

Video Chapters

With PreviewMe's video chapters feature, your content becomes a breeze to navigate. Divide your videos into chapters, making it effortless for viewers to find and access the specific sections they're interested in. This not only enhances the user experience but also improves content consumption and comprehension by offering clear video segmentation.
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Feature 3

Search, star, tag & duplicate

Streamline content organization. Effortlessly manage your video library using tags and categories. Quickly find what you need with our powerful search function. Mark favorites for easy access to important content. Duplicate videos to save time and repurpose your material.
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