Video in your Sales Cycle | Why video is your most powerful tool

Video in your Sales Cycle | Why video is your most powerful tool

Being successful in sales isn’t just about how fast you can get your product into the hands of prospective clients; it’s also about how well you build and maintain meaningful connections.

Valuable sales skills—such as being resourceful or having an air of charm and confidence—are great, but in today’s modern world, most of that is lost on traditional digital communications. For example, a phone call is just audio. Emails are simply text. They can get the job done, but why enter a sale already selling yourself short?

Video marketing is a catch-all solution. Using sales videos throughout your entire sales process can really pack a punch; in just a few minutes you can:

  • Catch attention with personalized videos, unique for each client
  • Put a friendly face to your sales rep or the wider sales team
  • Quickly demonstrate how you can relieve a client’s pain point
  • Demo your offering in all its glory without missing a beat

So, what exactly is video marketing and why should you be taking part?

What is video for sales?

Video for sales is when a sales rep records a video to send to potential customers; this could be via sales emails, social media like LinkedIn, or any other preferred channel. It’s not only beneficial during the early outreach period, but to continue developing your professional relationships once your customers are on board.

Opting to send sales videos is proven to boost your open rate, click-through rate (by 200-300%), and response rate. Plus, grab that all-important slice of attention you need to drive your sale. With prospecting videos, you’re reaching out in a way that’s catering to busy 21st-century lifestyles as video is much easier and faster to consume – in fact, 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

Prospecting with video

Let’s face it, outreach is no stroll in the park. It’s a make-or-break moment that can end a sale before it’s even begun. So how can you ensure your sales email cuts through the noise and gets a meeting in the diaries? Prospecting videos, of course.

By including video messages in your outreach, you’ll:

  • Boot open rates: Sales teams that use video get a 16% increase in open rates
  • Improve response rates: Sales teams that use video see a 26% increase in replies
  • Be a step above the rest: Only 43.8% of sales teams use video in their prospecting strategy

Another hidden advantage? Salespeople are saving valuable time; instead of typing out lengthy emails, they’re reciting, recording, and in minutes, sending off their bespoke video email.

Building better relationships

Not only are video sales a simpler, more efficient way for prospects to consume messaging, but it’s putting those valuable sales skills front and centre!

Sales videos showcase personality and create a human connection that text or audio alone can’t replicate. Being able to see your salesperson’s body language, hear their passion, and get a sense of their personality is key to building trust – especially with fresh prospects. And who would you rather respond to? The hundreds of faceless reps, or the smiling one?

Without a doubt, video makes everything more personal. Using personalized video to do everything, from booking a meeting to providing customer support, is sure to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. By creating that face-to-face connection, no matter where you are in the world, you’re bound to make your recipient feel more positively about you and the product or service you’re providing.

Here’s a tip: Personalize your video before they’ve even pressed play by customizing your video thumbnail to have their or their company’s name visualised somehow (e.g. on a post-it note or a whiteboard behind you.)

The ultimate sales tool

No matter how simple or complex your offering is, it’s always going to be better received via video, making it an unbeatable sales tool. If you’re offering something simple, video can make your sales pitch more fun and engaging by allowing more creativity and personality to shine through. If it’s more complex, visualising your points and explaining clearly via demo video is the perfect way to go – plus, you won’t be scaring off any prospective customers by sending through an overly-wordy email.

Video is not only more immersive, but it’s also more inclusive; by engaging more senses, you’re appealing to a range of different learning types, making your communication efforts much more effective. Clearly demonstrating your product will not only instill confidence in the offer itself but you as a competent salesperson – encouraging your prospect further down the sales funnel, faster.

Video has the amazing ability to effectively cut to the core and purpose of your pitch, making your path to closing your deals much more smooth—and with the higher open, click-through, and response rates—much more frequent.

How can PreviewMe help?

To streamline your video production process, it’s going to be much easier with the help of a sales video platform such as PreviewMe. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a big job on your hands; after shooting and editing, you’ll need a place to host it and send it. Then after all that hard work, without the ability to track its progress, you won’t have the data you need to optimize your output. PreviewMe is a video maker, editor, and production platform all in one, helping you create slick and professional sales videos in a matter of minutes. Plus, you can take full advantage of provided templates and live data tracking to inform your next video sales send.

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